Posterior cervical laminectomy and fusion

Posterior cervical laminectomy and fusion is a surgical procedure performed to decompress the spinal cord and nerve roots in the cervical region of the spine. Some of the spinal conditions that may compress the spinal cord and nerve roots include disc degeneration, bulging or herniated disc, spinal stenosis, and spondylosis. Nerve compression may result in neck pain and /or arm pain. The aim of this surgery is to alleviate neck and/or arm pain and stabilize the spine, by decompressing the spinal nerves and the spinal cord in the cervical region.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and X-ray or fluoroscopic guidance. An incision is made at the back of your neck and the muscles and soft tissues are moved aside to expose the lamina. The lamina and spinous process, projections of bone which can be felt as you rub your fingers along the back of your spine, are removed to access the spinal cord and nerve roots. Any disc fragments, and/or other tissue, causing nerve compression, may also be removed or trimmed. This releases the pressure over the spinal cord and the nerves. Fusion involves use of bone graft, inserted into the space between the affected vertebrae, to stimulate new bone growth. Screws and rods are used to hold the vertebrae together during the healing process.

Posterior cervical laminectomy and fusion utilizes a minimally invasive technique with small incisions and minimal damage to the muscles and soft tissues.

Your surgeon may suggest a cervical collar, to provide stability and support during the healing process.

The potential risks and complications with posterior cervical laminectomy and fusion include infection, bleeding, problems with anesthesia, and nerve injury.

Scot D Miller DO MBA FACS
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