Spinal Implants

Dr. Scot Miller participates in the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons Disclosure Program ensuring transparency in AAOS governance and CME activities. Please refer to AAOS.org for full details regarding Dr. Miller’s spinal implant experience regarding research, design and development activities with leading orthopedic and spinal implant manufacturers/companies.

As an integral part of spinal scientific research and development, Dr. Miller has for the last 20 plus years been instrumental in the development of spine implants and instruments. This has included spinal artificial disc implants, spinal fusion devices including cages, screw/rod constructs, and new materials such as carbon fiber and surface treated PEEK implants, as well as other cutting edge technologies. Dr. Miller is the world's leading surgeon and researcher currently involved in an ongoing FDA Trial for Carbon Fiber Spinal Implants.

Many of these products have gone on to be utilized by spinal surgeons worldwide. Dr. Miller has been a paid consultant to leading spinal manufacturers, and currently receives royalties for design and development work for Biomet Spine, a leader in spine surgical technologies. Some of these activities have been paid consultant fees and, in addition to design and development work, have included education and research activities and in no way are related to the usage of these products.

In addition to the academic practice of spinal surgery, Dr. Miller has been chosen to serve as a member of Editorial Boards of several spine scientific journals, where the latest literature is published regarding surgery, techniques, and basic scientific research.

Dr. Miller reviews manuscripts and provides advisory opinions regarding pre-publication journal articles, research, and commentaries for The Spine Journal and The International Journal of Spine Surgery. As a prominent member of the spine scientific community, Dr. Miller does not receive compensation for providing expert editorial reviews and opinions for the spine journals discussed above.

Scot D Miller DO MBA FACS
Spinal Implants
Dr. Miller has been extensively involved with Orthopaedic Spinal implant design with many companies including Biomet Spine, Stryker Spine, Integra Life Sciences, Depuy Spine and others...Read More
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